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24 years’ experience in professional IT support in Bromsgrove

Qualified IT experts supporting hundreds of organisations around the UK

99.4% customer retention rate

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Are downtime, inefficient networks or internet problems slowing your staff down? Flywheel IT Services is right here in Bromsgrove to make sure your technology keeps pace with the needs of your business.

We’re Bromsgrove’s Premier IT Support Partner for Businesses

Adding Flywheel IT Services to your resources gives your staff instant access to an entire team of IT experts within minutes. Our highly experienced support engineers, network architects and qualified IT project managers can handle even your most complex needs – all for a predictable monthly price.

Use the Best Performing IT helpdesk in Bromsgrove

With us, you’ll be getting the IT support you need to keep your employees and business moving forward. All from one of the UK’s leading IT companies – based right here in Bromsgrove.


We’ll always update your IT services contract if your needs change


Trusted by hundreds of UK businesses for over 20 years

Business growth experts

We give you the right tech to boost your sales, efficiency and profits

Our Performance Stats

4 Rings

Average phone call waiting time


Of helpdesk calls tackled within 2 hours

3,467 Calls

Resolved by our helpdesk in an average week


Customer retention rate

Providing professional IT support in Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas for 24 years

National leaders in IT for businesses, schools, construction and the government

The friendly, accredited IT experts on your doorstep

Grow Business Profits with IT that Just Works

We know lots of people aren’t that excited about IT. They just want it to work.

That’s where we come in. We can be your Bromsgrove-based IT Helpdesk, we can Manage your IT Projects, we can take care of your Cyber Security and Network – or we can come in with innovative ideas that will grow your your business.

Ask us about Co-managed Support if you’d prefer us to work as a team with your own IT staff.

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Want to discuss your IT project needs? Or discuss routine IT support?

About Us

Flywheel IT Services has teams of highly qualified and experienced IT engineers and consultants around the UK.

For over 20 years we have partnered with businesses, schools and major construction companies to provide IT services and to guide and support their IT projects, tech strategies and day-to-day operations.

In an average year


Businesses use Flywheel IT Services to fast-track their growth


Children's talents nurtured with the help of Flywheel IT Services


New schools and commercial buildings with sustainable ICT infrastructure designed by us

Customer Reviews

A UK national company - with its heart in Bromsgrove

Does Flywheel only provide IT services in the Bromsgrove area?

No, we’re not just a Bromsgrove business. Although our biggest office has always been in Bromsgrove, Flywheel IT Services has teams of highly qualified and experienced IT engineers and consultants around the UK.

For over 20 years we have partnered with businesses, schools and major construction companies to guide and support their projects, tech strategies and day-to-day operations. In an average year we help 200 businesses use technology for fast-track growth, we design sustainable ICT infrastructures for 100 new schools and commercial buildings, and we nurture the ICT resources and dreams of 33,000 school children.

Your local outsourced IT provider

Why is it better to choose a local company for your IT support in Bromsgrove?

We think nothing beats a bit of face-to-face contact when it comes to getting the most from your IT services provider.

Whether you want strategic consultancy with our accredited project managers, disaster recovery services from our leading consultants or some troubleshooting from one of our Microsoft or Citrix certified engineers, knowing our head office is in Bromsgrove and just around the corner gives you peace of mind.

Helping you get the competitive edge

IT strategies for business growth

When clients in Bromsgrove review us, the word that crops up time and again is 'innovation'.

We've designed IT solutions to spearhead growth for a fascinating variety of business clients over our 20-year history, and brought about some astonishing success stories. Some clients partnered with us when they were no more than a dozen people, and they're still with us as national leaders in their field, employing hundreds of workers across the nation.


How can we help your Bromsgrove business today?

A man in a black polo shirt smiling and holding a tangled bunch of cables, providing IT services indoors.

Eliminate Daily IT Challenges

Did you know IT mishaps cost businesses 22 minutes per employee each day? Our proactive IT support will eliminate tech headaches. We can keep your team productive, and make computer rage a thing of the past!

Outcompete the Tech Luddites

Nowadays IT tools mean smaller, agile companies can often out-compete slow-moving enterprises. Flywheel IT Services is on a mission to help the businesses of Bromsgrove to accelerate, innovate, and capture the market together.

Focus on Growing Your Business

You have deadlines to smash and customers to delight. As an integrated extension of your business just around the corner in Bromsgrove, We’ll manage your IT so you can focus on growing your business.

IT Services we Provide in Bromsgrove

Managed services
Cyber security
Data Centre
Consulting & Project Management

Managed IT Services

If you don’t have any IT staff we can be your Bromsgrove team for you. We have helped build companies from start-ups right the way up to leaders in their chosen market. If you don’t need a fully outsourced service, we integrate with your own technical team to unburden them of tasks unsuitable for them, bridge any skill gaps there may be, and provide cover when your staff take time off work.

IT Consultancy & Project Management

Our IT consultancy services, which we implement face to face in Bromsgrove, ranges from designing your company’s IT strategy for the next 10 years to taking on the planning and management of a single transformation project. End Users Computing, I-O-T, Audio Visual, CCTV and cabling are all areas we have delivered improvements for customers outside their contracted requirements.

Cyber Security

Our range of cyber services starts with the basics of Anti Virus, Firewalls, Email protection and web filtering, but then goes right the way up to an award-winning Zero Trust solution aimed at the budget conscious. We provide two options for monitoring. One integrates with our basic packages, whilst the other monitors and manages the Zero Trust solution.

Cloud Services

We can manage your usage of public cloud data storage with major providers, and migrate you to cloud telephony and design your contact centre solution using leading unified communications providers.
We manage cloud backup solutions to mitigate risk, guarantee compliance, reduce costs and help improve the overall success of your business, school or organisation. We also manage private cloud web application hosting and application management services for a number of companies in Bromsgrove which offer these services to their clients as the core of their business.

IT Networks

Whether we’re talking about your on-site network, such as switches or wireless access points, or how you connect to multiple sites or the internet, we have the experience and know-how to give you the best advice and options. We are your informed gateway to a large range of vendors, some that you will have heard of and others that would be very difficult to come across without many hours of research.

Data Centre

Not all companies are ready or have the appetite to move to the cloud. Data centres have much greater security and redundancy in their buildings, and will have taken into account things like flood plains and other issues that may not have been looked at when your company selected its site in Bromsgrove. For as long as we can get vendor maintenance, we will support these platforms. When they do need replacing, we work with you to identify the best solution possible.

Our Technology Partners

Where to find us

Bromsgrove Office

Flywheel IT Services
Office 35 Greenbox
Westonhall Road
Stoke Prior
B60 4AL


01905 788020


Flywheel IT Services® is the trading name of Kookaburra Technologies Limited, with Companies House registration number 12279493.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an outsourced IT support provider, do you offer different levels of support?

No. We offer the same high standards of support and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for all our clients. Our two types of support contract are user and server. All other infrastructure monitoring is included with these contracts.

What exact IT support is provided in your contract?

We do the majority of our support remotely as this is the most economical and effective solution for most clients. Our engineers do make monthly site visits to resolve issues that cannot be fixed over the phone and this is included in the standard price, provided you are located within an hour of one of our offices.

What isn’t covered in my outsourced IT support contract?

The following services are not included in most contracts and may be billed separately if you need them:
• Out of hours patching (applying security fixes to software and hardware)
• Additional site visits on top of those included in your contract

Do you have any guaranteed response times?

Yes, we do. It is important to differentiate between response and resolution times. If a company guarantees they will resolve an issue in a certain time period, be cautious. It isn’t always possible to predict how long it will take to get to the root cause of the problem, or what will be needed to fix it. This is why resolution times cannot be guaranteed.

Like all IT support companies, we do offer guaranteed response times in the case of a problem. There are different response times for different priority levels. All calls for help are triaged to assign the appropriate response within SLA levels and we meet our SLA targets on over 97.6% of helpdesk calls.

Do you provide remote management and monitoring?

Yes, this is an essential part of the service. Prevention is better than cure. We carry out 24×7 monitoring and take action to prevent problems which would cause major disruption to your business before they happen.

Will we get a dedicated account manager if you become our outsourced IT support provider?

Yes. We give every client a Technical Account Manager. This person is IT qualified and will be your central point of contact for everything, so you can build a long-term relationship with someone who doesn’t just do your admin and pass you on, but who is leading the co-ordination of your support service. They will get to know your business and plans for the future, to ensure IT aligns with your goals.

If you choose on-site support or regular visits from an engineer, you are also likely to build a working relationship with one or two specialist dedicated contacts you can deal with.

Will I get a dedicated engineer?

If you choose one or more engineers to work in your office or workplace you will see the same person or people every day.

Do you work with specific hardware and software companies?

Whatever hardware and software you already have in place, we can support it. If we advise you on new solutions, rest assured we’re independent of all providers. In the ICT industry this is called being “vendor-agnostic” and it means we focus on finding the best solution for your requirements, regardless of where it comes from.

How and when will I be charged?

We charge all customers monthly and take payment by Direct Debit under the terms of the Direct Debit guarantee.

Once I am a client, how can we raise IT problems with you?

Our helpdesk is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. We give all clients the FW Endpoint application which they can use to log tickets with us. If you prefer, you can phone us, email us or chat online via this website.

If I phone you, will I be able to speak directly to a technician who can help?

Yes. Your call will be taken by a qualified member of our team who will either fix it on the spot or assign it to the most suitably qualified or experienced team member to resolve.

Time for some fun

Did you know…?

Five things Flywheel IT Services loves about Bromsgrove

1 – Bromsgrove is the home of Cluedo

Anthony E. Pratt, the man who invented Cluedo, is buried in the churchyard in Bromsgrove. We’re happy to report it wasn’t Mr. White in the library with a candlestick. Mr. Pratt lived to the ripe old age of 90 and died peacefully in his sleep. He lived in various places around England but never loved them as much as Bromsgrove, where he retired.

2 – Bromsgrove was home to the smallest woman in the world

Joyce Carpenter, the smallest woman in the world at just 29 inches tall, lived in Bromsgrove. We love this video of Joyce driving her specially adapted car. Guess what model it was? A mini of course!

3 – Bromsgrove was home to the Hobbits

On the subject of hobbit-sized people, Mabel Tolkien – mother of ‘Lord of the Rings’ writer J R Tolkien – brought her sons up in the Birmingham and Bromsgrove area and is buried in St Peter’s Catholic Church in Bromsgrove.

4 – Bromsgrove raised a Harry Potter wizard

Mark Williams, the actor who played Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter, went to North Bromsgrove High School. The Bromsgrove Harry Potter star could also sometimes be spotted drinking in the Ladybird pub, according to one resident.

5 – The gates of Buckingham Palace were made in Bromsgrove

In the 16th century Bromsgrove was the centre of Britain’s nail making industry. It upped its game as time went on until the Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts famously made the gates to Buckingham Palace and Liverpool’s famous landmark, the Liver birds on top of the Liver building. Our local newspaper reported that the gates were never paid for so the Guild sent the Queen a bill in 2015 – but the article came on on the 1st of April so we’re not sure that really happened!

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