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Springwest Academy needed a new ICT services provider to transform the school’s tech provision, and restore the staff’s lost faith in ICT providers in general! We won them over with attentive client service, a highly organised PRINCE2 project methodology and collaborative decision-making at every step of the way.

Logo of Springwest Academy featuring a stylized teal 'S' next to the school name in turquoise text, designed using PRINCE2 project management techniques.
Logo of PRINCE2 project management featuring multicolored text and two colored circles in a modern font.

The Client

Springwest Academy, part of the Tudor Park Education Trust, is a specialist sports and ICT college for students aged 11 to 18, located in the London Borough of Hounslow. The college has around 1,200 pupils and 150 members of staff.

The Situation

The school needed an ICT refresh from to to bottom, a project management service to complete the transformation, and a revolution in the standards and style of helpdesk support it received throughout the organisation.

The Challenge

The school needed a major overhaul of its ICT systems and devices. It was suffering low morale around ICT after significant disappointment, so we also needed to win hearts and minds by proving our project management expertise with PRINCE2, collaborative decision-making and attentive customer service.

The challenge: Springwest needs a new ICT provider for strategy and full support

It was apparent to the Senior Leadership Team that the existing ICT equipment and support team was not able to provide the quality of ICT service required to match the college’s new specialist status and aspirations. Acting swiftly, the team looked to the college’s future and made the bold decision to procure a Managed Service Partner. The college requested proposals from all companies approved by the BECTA ICT Services Framework - to provide a 3 year fully managed ICT service contract to support all of its ICT.

The college was looking for a long-term partner who would help build staff, student and parental confidence, in order to allow the college to improve the quality of teaching and learning, and to allow teachers more time to focus on teaching.

The college was also keen to be guided by the selected partner to adopt the principles of BECTA’s E Strategy, namely; transforming teaching and learning; engaging hard-to-reach learners; building an open accessible system; achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Also of key importance was that costs were kept to a minimum, that on-site support staff were provided with real value and services and that effectiveness could be measured by using transparent performance indicators and criteria.

Our ICT Solutions: Our PRINCE2 project manager transforms ICT and restores the school's faith in tech support

It was important to the College that the new service should enable students and teachers to have access to new facilities that would have an immediate impact on learning and teaching and help raise achievement. The College was seeking an ICT partner that would be credible and approachable to senior management and would represent a local, friendly and approachable organisation capable of giving a personal service, not just a voice at the end of a telephone line.

After a thorough tender exercise, we were selected as the college’s preferred partner.

We immediately set-up a Project Team with a dedicated PRINCE2 Accredited Project Manager to oversee the programme of works, liaise with all parties and become the key link between us and the college.

As well as the full integration of the college legacy ICT systems and facilities, the service also included a refresh program, which provides renewal of all PC’s, Notebooks and User Devices on a rolling 3 year cycle.

The initial challenges that had to be overcome, included addressing the dramatic loss of confidence in ICT that had been endured by staff and the extremely tight timescales imposed by the procurement process.

The early works therefore were all about stabilising the existing network, restoring confidence and carefully preparing the way for the new Managed ICT Service. Which included commissioning new Servers, commissioning a new email system, building and distribute 400 new Laptops, establishing and setting up up a new Helpdesk

Our collaborative approach: we select new staff jointly

Among these early priorities was the need to recruit the right on-site Technical Team to run the new Managed Service. Springwest wanted to be part of the selection process, and we accommodated this by making college representatives an integral part of the interview and selection process.

Our PRINCE2 Project Methodology

We understand the importance of winning over all the staff and students quickly, and this is a key element that is always given a great deal of attention for any establishment transitioning to a Managed ICT Service.

This was accomplished in three ways. Firstly, the project had an executive level sponsor Project Manager, who was personally involved through every stage.
Secondly, we provided a very hands-on and proactive Account Management service and thirdly, we provided an additional on-site technician, at no extra cost for the first twelve months of the service specifically to help with the transition and to support other existing staff to adjust to a new service.

It is this level of focus and attention to detail, combined with our culture and passion for customer care, that has enabled a successful partnership with the college to flourish. This is also echoed in their overall flexible and pragmatic approach, which provides a framework under which the Managed Service can constantly evolve and adapt to meet the college’s requirements as they change from year to year.

Equipment, software and support services can be removed or added to the contract as required, in an agreed, simple and sustainable manner.

We continually review ongoing successes and challenges with Springwest, with a view to agreeing how to adapt and configure the managed service to best meet the college’s future strategic aims and objectives.

Partnership, Benefits and Annual Audit

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and service quality includes an annual service review carried out by an independent auditor. This review samples feedback from students, middle managers and the senior management team.

Below are some comments from the first school audit that looked back over our first twelve months of service.

PRINCE2 Project Outcomes

The first twelve months were about creating a robust, reliable ICT infrastructure and an effective curriculum-focused support service. We have successfully established this, clearly meeting all of the college’s initial objectives.

By creating a firm foundation they have paved the way for the college to confidently move forward and build on these early successes. The second year of the service focused more on the demanding objectives associated with embedding the use of ICT across the curriculum and meeting the objectives set in BECTA’s E-Strategy.

These included

  • transforming teaching and learning
  • engaging hard-to-reach learners
  • building an open accessible system
  • achieving even greater efficiency and effectiveness