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We fitted a video wall in the sports stadium at Fulham Cross Girls School by using a protective projector cage and modified screen apparatus to compensate for the sloping, 10-metre high ceiling. With 20 years’ experience designing audio visual systems for schools, we can provide a successful solution for any environment.

Logo of Fulham Cross Girls' School featuring a video wall with pink graphic elements and the text "Empowering Tomorrow's Women.

The Client

Fulham Cross Girls School is a secondary school in the London borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. It educates girls aged 11 to 19, and takes pride in empowering young women to achieve their full potential and make choices with integrity and intelligence.

The Situation

The school needed a large wall video display in an assembly hall that doubles up as their sports arena.

The Challenge

The school's environment presented a lit of challenges that our video wall design needed to overcome.

The challenge: a video wall in a sports hall

Fulham Girls School needed a video wall in their sports hall.

The only problems?

  • The roof was 10 metres high,
  • the ceiling slopes,
  • the netball hoops were exactly where the screen needed to be, and
  • the projector would be vulnerable to netballs flying at it!

The school chose us as national leaders in ICT for schools

We designed and installed a solution that adjusted for the challenging conditions.

  1. We adapted the angle of the installation to compensate for the sloping ceiling.
  2. The screen descends a much greater distance than usual, using modified equipment.
  3. The netball hoops fold flat against the wall, and the screen descends in front of them when needed.
  4. To protect the screen from misuse we designed a system with a locking switch, so it can only be lowered by the teachers with the key.
  5. We enclosed the projector in a protective metal cage, so it cannot suffer damage from impact by flying netballs.

We provided training at handover, although the system is so user-friendly this is not usually necessary.

Our after-sales care contracts include ongoing technical support and equipment guarantees.

The video wall