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Did you know Flywheel IT Services also supports the Education sector in a voluntary way? Our support of Sheffield UTC Academy Trust is one example.

What is a UTC?

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are government-funded secondary schools with a STEM focus. Pupils transfer to a UTC at the age of 14, part-way through their secondary education. They are led by a sponsor university that has close ties to local business and industry.

How do we support this education initiative?

Javid Mahdavi, MD of Colwyn Technologies and Nexus Associates (both parts of Flywheel which provide IT Services to the public sector) is the Chair of Trustees for Sheffield UTC Academy Trust, a growing UTC only Multi Academy Trust in Yorkshire and the North Midlands.

Javid originally worked on the build project for the second UTC in the Trust. As he continued to remain in contact, he was asked to apply to be a Trustee. After supporting the trust he was then promoted to take on the role of Chair.

Javid and the trust meet politicians and of course, the children!

This month Javid, along with Sheffield UTC Academy Trust CEO, Nick Crew, met with the Baker Dearing Trust representatives.

Those present included Lord Baker of Dorking (former Secretary of State for Education and co-founder of BDT) and Baroness Morris of Yardley (former Secretary of State for Education and Skills and BDT Trustee). They were joined by Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins, who is currently the Shadow Minister for Skills and Apprenticeships.

They spent a day meeting some of the children who attend the UTC as students and exchanging ideas.

Discussing the benefits of UTC and how to develop in the future

The focus of the day was to highlight the benefits that UTCs bring to the Education sector, and to discuss bringing a focus to future developments in education over the coming decades.

UTCs provide a unique and relevant approach to education which addresses the changing needs of students and employers in the 21st century. Around since 2010, Britain now has around 50 UTCs.

These university and industry partners support the curriculum development of the UTC, can provide professional development opportunities for teachers, and guide suitably qualified students on to industrial apprenticeships or tertiary education.