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Did you know children from low income households are 80% more likely to end up on low incomes as adults? We’re really passionate about supporting a UK charity called The Talent Foundry which helps to change this.

The Talent Foundry increases social mobility by opening up connections for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. They help 60,000 children each year with employment workshops and help them find internships at prestigious companies.

Matthew White, our CEO, and Simon Barclay of Nexus Associates cycled a bit over 300 miles in 4 days to raise money for The Talent Foundry charity. To compensate for their aching legs and sore bottoms, they did The Talent Foundry bike ride across beautiful France.

“Many children from lower income homes don’t get ambitious career ideas from family friends. No matter how good their exam grades are, they don’t benefit from their parents’ professional or social network to get their early career opportunities.”

Simon Barclay, Head of Technology, Nexus Associates

“We KNOW that every child has something they’re amazing at, and deserves the same opportunity no matter who their parents are. That’s why The Talent Foundry bike ride was so satisfying to do.”

Matthew White, CEO, Flywheel IT Services

Thank you to all our clients, suppliers and friends who generously supported our fundraising for The Talent Foundry bike ride.