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24 years’ experience in professional IT support

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AV for Better Business Comms & Powerful Marketing

  • 24+ years of AV System Experience
  • A solution for every budget
  • AV design, installation & training
  • Comprehensive guarantees and after-sales support

Every AV solution for business is bespoke, as no two companies are alike. We can design business AV solutions from basic to top-end, depending on your budget.

We survey your company premises and design the best system to work in your existing space. We work on your current infrastructure. If necessary, we can modify or upgrade your infrastructure so you get the best performance possible from your AV for business.

Our AV Technology Partners

AV Systems for Business Communications

Every design is bespoke and we can provide anything – all you need to do is ask!

Business Meeting Room AV

Meeting Room AV often consists of Smart Board Technology which make it easy for participants to get their ideas across. Large format displays mean everyone at a meeting can see the key information clearly, no matter how big the meeting. We can also provide meeting capture systems so you don’t need anyone to take minutes at your meetings: This means meeting room AV helps progressive businesses more productive meetings.

AV Solutions for Business Conferencing

Video conferencing has taken ‘more traditional’ phone conferencing to the next level, and is especially useful for client meetings or to unite employees who may never meet face to face but need to collaborate effectively. Modern AV solutions facilitate not only business presentations but large-scale virtual conferences with participants spread across the world.

AV for Wireless Presentations

Wireless presentation systems are a clever solution to the messy problem of connecting a plethora of varying devices to shared screens. Wireless means there are no unsightly cables strewn across the desk and you’ll have no problems with cables being damaged or going missing. They are easy to retrofit into an existing room as the cabling requirements are much simpler. A key selling point is that they are ‘plug and go’ meaning there’s no need for faffing about trying to connect a laptop to an AV board remotely – although that is an option for those who prefer it!

AV to Boost Your Marketing

Digital Signage

Every digital signage install is different, but the basic AV equipment needed to create a digital signage network consists of a screen, a media player and software. We can advise you on the best screen for the lighting conditions, which is especially important for outdoor screens; the easiest software to work with your other systems; and the right size screen to make an impact without spending too much.

Retail Displays

Retail AV systems function as sales tools or moving advertising, that can maximise use of space as well as drawing the eye to new products, pushing promotions, supplementing floor merchandising and boosting sales. Setting a great atmosphere in a shop can also boost customer mood which is proven to lead to increased sales and improved customer retention. Options include digital signage displays, video walls for advertising, public address systems, and background music systems.

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We also provide

  • Projectors, including Short-throw & Ultra Short-throw projectors
  • Mobile Projector screens
  • Televisions
  • Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs)
  • Audio visual cabling
  • Fibre and data cabling
  • PA Systems – Passive and Active speakers & Amplifiers
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Getting Your New Audio Visual System


We scope the project and survey your site

We have a detailed discussion to understand exactly what your AV requirements are. We then survey your business premises, checking all the elements to identify which equipment will be suitable and will work within your current environment.

Design, BOM and preparing the quotation

From the information we gathered from our previous meeting and site survey, we create a design of the system and then write up the Bill of Materials (BOM), which is a comprehensive list of all the equipment that will be used for your new AV system. We price up each of these elements to prepare an accurate quotation for you. At this stage we may include photos of certain elements to show you exactly what we are proposing.

Second meeting to discuss design and quotation

We have another brief meeting with you to go through the design and to discuss the quotation with you. If you are happy with the quotation and approve the order, we then go on to the next stage.

If your AV system is for a new building

If your new AV system is being installed into a new build or part of a major refurbishment, we will liaise with the builders to give them all the power, data and containment drawings that they require. This means the install will be very neat and all cables are installed in the walls so you won’t end up with visible surface-mounted trunking anywhere.

We install your audio-visual system

Once all the kit has been delivered, we install, test and commission your system.

We hand over your AV system and provide ongoing technical support

At handover, we give you user training. We provide full after sales support, including additional user training if you need it. We can provide enhanced swap-out warranties, to minimise any downtime.
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Diagram of a professional audio visual system setup showing connections between various devices like mixers, speakers, and amplifiers with labeled inputs and outputs.

About Flywheel IT Services

Flywheel IT Services has teams of highly qualified and experienced IT engineers and consultants around the UK. For over 24 years we have partnered with businesses, schools and major construction companies to provide IT services and to guide and support their IT projects, tech strategies and day-to-day operations.

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