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24 years’ experience in professional IT support

Qualified IT experts supporting hundreds of organisations around the UK

99.4% customer retention rate

IT support: Fully outsourced, or Co-managed

We can take care of the daily maintenance to free you up for projects or – if you prefer – send our qualified and experienced project team to make sure your new projects are snag free. We provide Helpdesk, On site support, Project Management & Strategy services.

Areas of expertise

We can support any app, system or hardware. Our national team of first, second and third-level engineers hold an impressive range of specialist qualifications. We have specialists in the following fields:

  • Cyber security and disaster recovery
  • Cloud services and migrations
  • Network design
  • Data centres
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • VoIP telephone systems
  • Bespoke software and API development

Flexible contracts

We don’t tie clients into long contracts, so you’ll never pay for what you no longer need

Business Growth Strategy

The IT strategy can make or break business growth – it’s worth turning to the experts to boost productivity and profit

Affordable experts

The qualifications and experience of a big corporation IT department, at value conscious prices

Contact Us

Tell us what you need, and we’ll propose a solution and a tailored quote.

What to Expect

We’ll start off with a review of your current IT systems.

We’ll explain what you will need to upgrade to be able to support your future plans. We advise on which areas need immediate improvement, and which you will need to upgrade in the medium term.

We’re pretty frugal and our clients like that.

A core part of our service is giving you a predictable, steady IT budget and spending pattern so you can  avoid nasty shocks.

Use our qualified and experienced team.

From the initial planning stage to completion of the process, we have the IT qualifications and hands-on experience to design and deliver the best service possible.

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Our KPIs

4 Rings

Average phone call waiting time


Of helpdesk calls tackled within 2 hours


Calls resolved by our helpdesk in an average week


Customer retention rate

Customer Reviews

Outsourced IT support: You name it, we do it

Office 365 / Microsoft 365 – Google Workspace – Hubspot, Salesforce and other CRM apps – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other cloud providers – Asana, Slack, Xero, Quickbooks and more

Proactive maintenance and reactive support

We once had a customer comment that nothing had gone wrong with his IT all year. He asked what we had actually done for him. “Trust us, if we stopped doing it, a lot would go wrong,” we answered.

This is what we call providing a proactive rather than reactive service. It means we monitor everything constantly and prevent problems arising, instead of sitting back and only stepping in when they happen.

We’re on the case 24×7

We all know cyber attacks are increasing exponentially. We deploy active 24×7 SOC monitoring systems with alerts that come to us any time. This is how we protect your systems from cyber breaches and take whatever immediate action is necessary.

Remote & On-site IT Support

Most clients choose a mix of remote and on-site support, with regular scheduled site visits and our helpdesk available by phone for anything unexpected. Some clients opt entirely for on-site support and others prefer the economy of pure telephone support. Our helpdesk is open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm throughout the year.

We give the same very strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to all our clients. These detail the maximum time we will take to repond to your calls. Around these, we will build a tailored package that covers exactly what you want.

UK Helpdesk & Engineers around the UK

We have offices in the East Midlands, West Midlands, London and Wales. We also have IT engineers throughout Britain who work remotely, and some based full-time at client sites.

One of our engineers can reach any client’s location in under an hour almost anywhere in the UK.

We also support overseas workplaces

We even have some global clients who prefer to fly our people overseas rather than employ overseas locals. We’re willing to travel anywhere, if you need us to!

Outsourced IT support costs

Our pricing depends on these variables

  1. The amount and type of systems and assets you need us to support
  2. The scope of services you opt for. We give everyone the same SLAs but there are variables, such as extended helpdesk hours, additional scheduled site visits and so on
  3. How many users we will be supporting
  4. Whether you want a full-time engineer or engineers on-site, or regular visits or all remote support.

Choose your service level to fit your budget & needs

To help you choose the right balance between service and economy, we will explain the service options. We will explain the set response times in your Service Level Agreement so that you understand exactly what happens, what the deadlines are and how fast we promise to fix your problems.

Predictable but Flexible

Outsourced IT support for a monthly fixed price

Our service always includes budget planning so you know exactly what is and isn’t included in your agreement.

Flexible contracts – never pay for what you no longer need

We don’t make a fuss if you want to trim something out of your contract. Good support companies like us don’t need to tie clients in with inflexible contracts. If you stop using any service because you don’t need it any more, we’ll stop charging you.

Get a fixed price hardware budget too

We can build in hardware planning too, so you can budget ahead for things that will need replacing, which is more efficient and satisfactory than just replacing things ad hoc when they can no longer be fixed.

About Flywheel IT Services

Flywheel IT Services has teams of highly qualified and experienced IT engineers and consultants around the UK. For over 24 years we have partnered with businesses, schools and major construction companies to provide IT services and to guide and support their IT projects, tech strategies and day-to-day operations.

In an average year


Businesses use Flywheel IT Services to fast-track their growth


Children's talents nurtured with the help of Flywheel IT Services


New schools built with sustainable ICT infrastructure designed by us

Why choose us for outsourced IT support?

Qualified experts in first-line service

Most outsourced IT support companies have their junior trainees answer the phones. We flip that service model on its head. With us, the expert answers the phone and then delegates a task to the trainee if it’s easy. If not, he fixes it himself. This means our trainees get the best training possible, and they’re not doing it on your time.

We’re here to stay

We’ve been providing outsourced IT support since 1999 and we’re part of a leading technology company that’s here for the long haul. As we’re a large team, you never have to worry what will happen if your usual support engineer goes on holiday, gets sick or ends up with more work than he can handle.

Affordable teams of outsourced IT support specialists

Our helpdesk engineers have a vast portfolio of IT qualifications between them and over 300 years of hands-on experience. They attend constant update training on specific packages, programmes, hardware and more, ranging from Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco and IBM to specialist cyber protection. Some have prior experience as IT trainers and teachers, and many have worked for global companies leading major IT projects.

Education-focused experts on your school helpdesk

We are one of the country’s top three outsourced IT service providers for schools. We can place education-focused IT support in your school full time, provided by qualified IT experts with specific experience and a deep understanding of the needs, priorities and deadlines of schools.

Our Outsourced IT Support FAQ

What geographical areas do you cover?

We can provide support throughout the UK. We have offices in the East Midlands, the West Midlands and Wales, and other support hubs across the country. With more and more organisations moving into the cloud, the good news is that you no longer need your IT support provider based in the same location as you. However, we can reach the premises of any client, anywhere in the UK, within an hour.

As an outsourced IT support provider, do you offer different levels of support?

Yes, we can offer whatever level and categories of support you need – as little or as much as works for you. Our two most popular types of support contract are ‘User’ and ‘Server’. All other infrastructure monitoring is included with these contracts.

What we don’t change is our KPI targets and standard Service Level Agreement, or SLAs. We offer the same high standards of support and service for all our clients.

What exact IT support is provided in your contract?

We do the majority of our support remotely as this is the most economical and effective solution for most clients. Our engineers do make monthly site visits to resolve issues that cannot be fixed over the phone and this is included in the standard price, provided you are located within an hour of one of our offices.

What isn’t covered in my outsourced IT support contract?

The following services are not included in most contracts and may be billed separately if you need them:
• Out of hours patching (applying security fixes to software and hardware)
• Additional site visits on top of those included in your contract

Do you have any guaranteed response times?

Yes, we do. It is important to differentiate between response and resolution times. If a company guarantees they will resolve an issue in a certain time period, be cautious. It isn’t always possible to predict how long it will take to get to the root cause of the problem, or what will be needed to fix it. This is why resolution times cannot be guaranteed.

Like all IT support companies, we do offer guaranteed response times in the case of a problem. There are different response times for different priority levels. All calls for help are triaged to assign the appropriate response within SLA levels and we meet our SLA targets on over 97.6% of helpdesk calls.

Do you provide remote management and monitoring?

Yes, this is an essential part of the service. Prevention is better than cure. We carry out 24×7 monitoring and take action to prevent problems which would cause major disruption to your business before they happen.

Will we get a dedicated account manager if you become our outsourced IT support provider?

Yes. We give every client a Technical Account Manager. This person is IT qualified and will be your central point of contact for everything, so you can build a long-term relationship with someone who doesn’t just do your admin and pass you on, but who is leading the co-ordination of your support service. They will get to know your business and plans for the future, to ensure IT aligns with your goals.

If you choose on-site support or regular visits from an engineer, you are also likely to build a working relationship with one or two specialist dedicated contacts you can deal with.

Will I get a dedicated engineer?

If you choose one or more engineers to work in your office or workplace you will see the same person or people every day.

Do you work with specific hardware and software companies?

Whatever hardware and software you already have in place, we can support it. If we advise you on new solutions, rest assured we’re independent of all providers. In the ICT industry this is called being “vendor-agnostic” and it means we focus on finding the best solution for your requirements, regardless of where it comes from.

How and when will I be charged?

We charge all customers monthly and take payment by Direct Debit under the terms of the Direct Debit guarantee.

Once I am a client, how can we raise IT problems with you?

Our helpdesk is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. We give all clients the FW Endpoint application which they can use to log tickets with us. If you prefer, you can phone us, email us or chat online via this website.

If I phone you, will I be able to speak directly to a technician who can help?

Yes. Your call will be taken by a qualified member of our team who will either fix it on the spot or assign it to the most suitably qualified or experienced team member to resolve.

Have you tried turning it off and then on again?

Ha! Yes, we do sometimes ask that.