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We can use Access Control Technology to help protect your school, or business premises and assets. Our technology avoids disruption to the normal daily movements of your staff, pupils or site visitors.

Access Control Solutions from UK Experts

Gone are the days of handing out physical keys to employees. Access control solutions are vital for any school or company premises from office blocks and hotels to factories and warehouses.

Maximise Security and Convenience

Access control solutions offer a raft of benefits over simply controlling who can enter the building.

  • They control who can enter any different part of the building, car park or other partsd of your site
  • They create a record of the arrival and departure time of every employee and site visitor
  • When an employee leaves, you can just deactivate the card, keypad code or other entry device without having to worry about collecting it

Government Partners for 24 Year

We have been a leading provider of access control infrastrcuture to government departments since 1999. We partner with the Department for Education to design and install Access Control for approximately 100 new schools each year.

Our Access Control Technology Choices

All types of Access Device

We offer a wide range of access control systems. These include simple door pad entry, to cloud or PC-based systems, that integrate access options of your choice: pin, fob, card readers, biometric readers, wristbands and even smartphone technology.

Linking to CCTV

We also provide facial recognition technology that links to your CCTV system. You can add AI software to keep known offenders away from your school or work site. You can also upload a list of car number plates to open car park gates or depot barriers automatically for authorised vehicles.

Bespoke Solutions for any Requirement

Whatever your needs, our experienced security team can design a system tailored to your school or business requirements and support you with installation, staff training and after-sales technical support.

Flexible, bespoke business access control systems

Integration with Your Current Infrastructure

Our end-to-end service will address your specific needs and integrate with solutions you already have in place. For example, we can overlay a biometric system on top of an old card-reading system to control entry points. This is one of the many ways we help you get the best value for money and never waste investments you have already made.

Standalone and networked solutions

Depending on your current or future needs, our systems are developed for one door or multiple doors and can be expand as needed.

Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Our systems can raise alerts in case of emergency, connecting to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) which provides remote support from professionals and may help you get quicker response times from the emergency services.

Dynamic Lockdown

We provide IT technologies to support dynamic lockdown, so you can physically secure entry and exit points. This can prevent people from moving into danger areas, control invacuation to safer areas of the site in an emergency and allow specific areas to be locked down. We can link to a public address (PA) system to support this.

Reception Desk Integration

Can be integrated with visitor management and reception desk services including sign in, photo badge printing and visitor touch screen interfaces.

Talk to an Access Control Expert

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Quality Assured

Our systems are NSI Gold Accredited and conform to BS5979.


Each access can have different restrictions based on location, time of day, particular users or for limited periods.


Unify your access control solution with fire and intruder alarms, video surveillance, temperature analysis, facial recognition and other security and building management systems. Remote access systems will give you control from anywhere.

Want to find out more first?

Read our Guide to Types of Business Access Control System, and the tech you can use with them – from card readers to biometric scanning.

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What is the process for getting your new access control system?


Needs analysis

We will begin with a meeting to understand your needs, the layout of the premises you need to protect, and the existing systems that your access control solution interface with and the bandwidth it will be relying on.

Complete design and planning service

We create an access system that works for you and your business as a whole. Our design specifications will ensure all necessary interfaces between ICT systems and access control systems are included and that bandwidth and services required by the access control solution such as active equipment and storage are considered.


We migrate any pre-existing access control systems and complete all aspects of your new design to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Training & after-sales support

To make sure your system integrates easily into your business practices, we will be on hand to offer support and staff training in the use of your access control equipment. We provide full after-sales technical support for all installed business access control solutions.