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We have over 20 years’ experience providing audio visual systems for schools and colleges to meet every budget. We can identify and design the best solution for your school, and provide installation, user training and ongoing support.

All Our AV Systems are Bespoke

Every Audio Visual (AV) solution we design and deliver is bespoke, as no two schools are alike. We can design any AV system your school needs, from basic to top-end, depending on your budget.

We can design for any space and purpose

We will survey your school, and design the best system to work with your layout and spaces. We’ve designed for some dual-purpose sports and assembly halls that were a real challenge! But we always create a bespoke system that works, even if it means soldering a protective projector cage from scratch.

We can upgrade your network if necessary

We can work with your current tech infrastructure, or modify and upgrade your network or IT systems. If we think this is necessary to give you the best performance from your AV system, we’ll explain why.

How to Buy AV Systems From Us

We work with Crown Commissioning Service and several other government procurement frameworks. Please contact us, and we will be happy to guide you through the Department for Education’s recommended procurement process.

If you’re not a customer yet

Please book a call using the contact form, and we’ll phone you as soon as possible to discuss what you need.

Alternatively call 0121 647 8500.

If you’re already a customer

Please speak with your Technical Account Manager.

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Our Range of Audio Visual Systems

This is an overview of our most popular audio-visual systems. We can design and provide anything – all you need to do is ask!

Classroom interactive panels and audio-visual systems

We design and install teaching walls to meet all budgets and needs. These include interactive flat panels, short-throw and ceiling-mounted projectors as well as projection screens. We have partnerships with all the leading manufacturers, so we can supply your school the latest equipment at  very reasonable prices.

Fixed and mobile height-adjustable stands

We provide and install a range of height-adjustable stands which make it easy for you to raise or lower the touchscreen at the push of a button. These systems are perfectly suited to primary schools, and schools with disabled children. We also offer mobile AV solutions which your staff can easily wheel around the school to wherever they need them.

Assembly halls and large space AV systems

These are large screen solutions, with powerful projectors and audio systems. They’re designed for community areas such as auditoriums, sports halls, theatres, and mini cinemas.

We offer fully automated designed, which you can use with a simple push of a button. These are a world apart from the old systems that you had to set up through a long series of complicated settings.

We also can install custom security cages which protect the projector. Schools find these particularly useful in sports halls, and other multi-purpose areas where the pupils sometimes play ball games.

Audio visual systems for video conferencing

We design and install video conferencing solutions for all sizes of meeting rooms. We can tailor these to work with your school’s preferred software provider, including Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meets and more.

Video walls

We provide video walls which include AV solutions for digital signage and projector stitching.

Audio systems

We supply and install a large variety of different types of sound audio systems. These range from whole school PA systems, drama studios and auditoriums down to recording studios and meeting rooms.

Fibre network design and installation

We install fibre networks within your school, if your AV system requires it and you don’t already have the necessary infrastructure for your broadband throughout the school. As a company, we specialise in network design for new-build schools and we regularly deliver Department for Education commissioned projects, so you can rest assured that you will be in good hands.

Automated controls for audio visual systems

We provide systems with automated control. You simply push the ‘on’ button and the control panel will automatically lower the screen, switch on the projector, switch on the AV matrix and allow you to change the input. AV systems don’t come simpler to use than this!

This makes them extremely user-friendly, so you don’t need remote controls or other devices which are easily misplaced.

Getting Your New Audio Visual System


We scope the project and survey your site

We have a detailed discussion to understand exactly what you need. We then survey your school, checking all the elements to identify what equipment will be suitable, and will work in the building layout and network that you have.

Design, BOM and preparing the quotation

Using the information we gathered at our first meeting and site survey, we create a design of your system. We then write up the Bill of Materials (BOM), which is a comprehensive list of all the equipment that will be used for your new audio visual system. We price up each of these elements to prepare an accurate quotation for you. We may include photos, to show you exactly what we are proposing.

Second meeting to discuss design and quotation

We have another brief meeting. We will talk you through the design, and discuss the quotation with you. If you approve the order, we move to the next stage.

We install your audio-visual system

Once all the kit has been delivered, we install, test and commission your audio visual system.

If your AV system is for a new building

If your new AV system is being installed into a new build or school building site, we will liaise with the builders. We'll give them all the power, data and containment drawings they need. This is how we make sure your installation will be very neat: all the cables are installed in the walls so you won’t end up with visible surface-mounted trunking anywhere.

We hand over your AV system and provide ongoing technical support

At handover, we give you user training. We provide full after sales support, and this includes additional user training if you need it. We can also provide enhanced swap-out warranties if you wish.

Example topology, wiring and services elevation diagrams for an assembly hall AV system

Color-coded floor plan showing various sections like lobby, seating area, audio visual systems, and storage with directional flow marked.
Technical diagrams of a right-hand and left-hand teaching wall setup for audio visual systems, including dimensions and placement of monitors, cameras, and control rooms.
Diagram of a professional audio visual system setup showing connections between various devices like mixers, speakers, and amplifiers with labeled inputs and outputs.

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