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Our Cyber Security 6-Pack: Essential for All Schools

Vital cyber security for primary & secondary schools

  1. Anti-virus and anti-ransomware protection
  2. DfE compliant backup and disaster recovery solution
  3. Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace backup
  4. Internet filtering and safeguarding
  5. Staff cyber security awareness training
  6. Written incident management and disaster recovery plan

The 6-pack conforms with

  • Guidelines from the Department for Education
  • The most recent advice for schools from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
  • IT industry best practice

These 6 elements are the bare minimum your school needs in order to be compliant.

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We manage cyber security for several hundred businesses, schools and public sector organisations across the UK.

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We’re a trusted Crown Commercial Services provider and we’ve worked with the DfE designing ICT for new schools since 1999.

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Our applied cyber security solutions meet and exceed DfE, GDPR and Service Organisation Control standards.

The Cyber Security 6-Pack

1 – Anti-virus and anti-ransomware protection

Some criminal groups steal sensitive data like staff salaries, school banking details or confidential information on pupils and extort money by threatening to reveal it online. This software scans continuously to keep viruses and ransomware out of computer systems.

2 – DfE compliant backup and disaster recovery solution

This backs up all school data held by on-site servers, creating a duplicate in the cloud every day. If ransomware stopped you accessing your services or data, or if a virus damaged them, these backups could be used to create a ‘virtual server’ in the cloud and get your school up and running again the same day. Without these backups your data would almost certainly be lost forever.

3 – Microsoft 365 and / or Google Workspace backup

This makes regular backup copies of Google Email and Microsoft 365 including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. If your systems were captured by ransomware, we could make new copies for you immediately from these backups. It also has a spam filer to help remove phishing emails.

4 – Internet filtering and safeguarding

This blocks websites that could carry malware and sites with content that is not appropriate for your pupils. It can stop your pupils accidentally introducing malware to the school network while using the internet.

5 – Staff cyber security awareness training

Suitable training enables your staff to recognise the newest types of phishing emails, and tests them to make sure the training is being applied in real life. No less than 89% of successful cyber breaches result from phishing emails – in other words, human error. The DfE requires you to train staff and close this loophole.

6 – Written incident management and disaster recovery plan

The DfE asks all schools to have a Disaster Recovery / Continuity Plan, which is a step-by-step roadmap to keep your school running if you did get hacked. What are the bare minimum applications and data you would need for the school to reopen? If you needed us to restore systems from backups, what would be the order of urgency? Who would carry out each part of the plan? Your DR plan makes all these decisions in advance so you would handle an emergency the best way possible.

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