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24 years’ experience in professional IT services

Strategic IT experts supporting hundreds of UK schools

99.4% customer retention rate

Strategic direction

IT consultancy solutions that are tailored and custom-built to your specific needs and budget

Over 100 IT experts

Our qualified and experienced team of over 100 IT experts designing your systems

Bridge the gap

Our IT consultancy skills help bridge the gap between your technical experts and the school leadership team

Save money

Avoid the financial burden of a full-time salary, benefits and other costs

Our IT consultancy services range from planning and managing a single project to designing your company or school's IT strategy for the next 10 years.

IT Consultancy & Project Management

Whether you need a few additional computers set up or a global cloud rollout, we have the experience and know-how to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

The tighter your budget, the more important it is to use professional project managers to make sure there are no unforeseen setbacks that result in delays and wasted money. We’re national leaders in designing and delivering ICT infrastructure and technology solutions for new build schools, working in partnership with the Department for Education and local authorities. This experience makes us your ideal partner to guide any project to a perfect outcome, free from setbacks or financial waste.


IT Consulting Projects

Applied Cyber Security

We can review your current cyber security solutions, advise on where you need major upgrades to remain safe, and lead projects to implement them.

10-Year ICT Plans

Our unique 10-Year Plans are taking the education sector by storm! We benchmark each part of your school’s ICT against DfE standards and other schools in your area, then plan your strategy & budget to meet or exceed in all areas. FIND OUT MORE

Data Management

We will review existing processes and help implement necessary changes to ensure that data and business intelligence (BI) is well managed and easily accessible.

Cloud Services & IT Infrastructure Design

From cloud migrations and cost reviews, to backups, archiving support and application management.

Risk Planning & Disaster Management

Safeguarding business continuity and planning for disaster recovery. If things haven’t quite gone to plan recently, we can help get you back on track and put in contingencies for the future.


We will design and implement systems that make sure you are compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements of your work, ranging from protecting client or student data to keeping accurate and independently verifiable records.

Our IT Consultancy Service: What We Do

Technology Reviews: A full audit of your infrastructure and technology to help define future strategies and upgrades. This gives you future spending visibility, so you can manage your company cash flow with greater effectiveness.

Strategy & Planning: Review, develop and implement appropriate IT strategies to help your business grow and achieve its goals.

Project Management: Having delivered many IT projects large and small since 2002, our qualified and certified business analysts and project managers have the experience to deliver on time, within budget.

Leadership Mentoring: Our experienced C-level directors will provide leadership mentoring to any of your internal managers or supervisors.

Service Optimisation: Both internally and externally, we’re here to ensure that all IT services run as smoothly as possible.

Staff Training: A review of your current IT capabilities, highlighting any skills gaps and resource needs.

Supplier Support: Dealing with third party suppliers is often a time-consuming drain on in-house IT teams. We can take this over for you.

Outsourced IT Director

Most Schools and MATs don’t need a full-time IT Director, but they do need one for a day or two a month – or maybe for a special project. That’s where we come in.

An Expert Strategic Overview

Your “Flywheel IT Director” will work with your existing infrastructure, providing valuable support, identifying opportunities for future development, helping you choose the right technology to solve your business problems and helping you decide what IT changes you should make and when.

Big Corporation Standards, on a School Budget

The vast majority of schools have to make decisions without the availability of seasoned and qualified ICT experts on the staff. An outsourced IT director gives you all the expertise that large enterprises can enjoy, but for a tiny fraction of the cost – as you only use the service when you need it.

Budget Your ICT Strategy for the Next 10 Years

We offer a ’10 Year Plan’ service which starts with a complete technology audit. We then benchmark each component of your school’s ICT resources against not only Department for Education minimum standards but also the average maturity of other schools. From this we can draw up advice on the main areas in which you will need to focus investments, so you can plan a school ICT budget for the next 10 years.

Why work with us?

A flexible IT consultancy service and value for money

Use our IT consultancy services whenever and however you want. We consult and delivery roadmaps for short-term projects, major change programmes and long term strategy development. We will design solutions that make sure your technology spend fits your business or school goals.

Advice and innovation from independent experts

Use our network of knowledge and experience at all levels of your organisation, from the board of directors in your business to the senior leadership team in your school, college or academy. With our Outsourced IT Director service, you get a highly skilled IT partner who bridges the gap between technical teams and the key decision makers in the senior leadership team or on the board of directors.

Specialist expertise for a fixed monthly cost

As a leading Managed IT Service Provider, we offer you the expertise and reliability for a fixed monthly cost that will benefit your business or school whilst boosting productivity levels.

Technology for compliance

We can advise you on the technology angle around new regulations and laws, helping you choose the most efficient options to keep you fully compliant in your industry or profession. This can range from protecting your data to comply with data protection legislation to setting you up with a user-friendly system to record phone calls if you are required to keep records.

Strengthen connections and communication

Our long experience of joining the dots between school heads or C-suite decision makers and their in-house technical team has helped many organisations move forward with confidence. We can help to explain how proposed technical solutions will work in practice and the results we have seen them deliver in different contexts, so you can make fully informed investment choices.

Collaborative connection between internal and external IT

Our IT Consultancy Services help to bridge the gap between the capacity of an internal IT Department, and the increasing demand for cutting edge business IT Support using specialist technologies.

Mentoring and support

We are ready to help, guide and advise when you need us. We can help train your staff to get the most out of the technology and solutions you invest in.

Qualifications, Certifications & Partnerships