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Is AI useful? Is AI safe? For the answer to be "Yes", AI jobs of the future will involve shaping Artificial Intelligence and guiding how we use it. Our AI Sofia explains what some of them may be.

The AI jobs of the future that Sofia talks about

  • AI Trainers
  • AI Ethicists
  • AI Data Entry
  • AI Model Creator or App Architect
  • AI Explainers
  • AI Data Analysts
  • AI System Integrators
  • AI Safety Engineers

AI Tools that we used to make this video

Chat GPT wrote the first draft of the script. This is a free AI. We needed to edit the video to deal with some omissions, make it sound like more natural speech and to help Synthesia read it aloud accurately.

The background image was generated using Stable Diffusion, also a free AI that generates images based on your written prompt.

The synthespian video was generated using Synthesia, which is a paid subscription website.