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Flywheel is interested to see Scarborough in North Yorkshire is set to become a “national centre of excellence” in cyber security in 2023.

The purpose of this government initiative is to educate people on the dangers of cyberattacks and the steps they can take to safeguard themselves. It will also encourage SMBs to safeguard their operations and their clients from the most common forms of cybercrime.

The council has developed the concept together with GCHQ, Coventry University Scarborough, and Anglo American Mining. By the end of March, they hope to have worked with over 120 people and groups on efforts to raise cyber security awareness and provide training that will help people better grasp the job options in this field.

A council report on the initiative, obtained by the Local Democracy Reporting Service, claims that cyber attacks are on the rise and that increased UK expenditure in offensive cyber operations creates new opportunities. The Cyber Security Cluster Strategy is meant to bring new, innovative, and in-demand cyber security capabilities and new possibilities, products, services, and solutions to new and current businesses, the council has stated.

As local government reorganisation is scheduled to occur at the end of March, the pilot project’s £237,000 budget has set that date as its deadline. The Scarborough Borough Council has pledged £140,000 toward the project, and Anglo American Mining is providing extra funds.

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