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Devices and gadgets using Artificial Intelligence (AI) dominate the Las Vegas 'Consumer Electronics Show' for 2023.

Every year, in Las Vegas, all the world’s biggest makers of consumer devices come to show off their latest, greatest and hopefully soon-to-be-a-hit releases.

They do this at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, an event they call “the most influential tech event in the world”.

Ok, American hype aside, it really is a good barometer of what is considered new, amazing and soon to come out. Sometimes just looking at the themes for each year gives a good idea of what to expect in the next 1-3 years of mainstream device releases. If you’re canny, you can spot where the trends are taking us.

This year, there’s AI in everything.

You can read from that, devices like Alexa will be more prevalent and hopefully they will also be much better and more useful (mine is ok, but not excellent – it gets it wrong too many times to be even “good”).

Have a look at this Wired live blog. They always do a good wrap up of the event.

Some things to watch out for

  • The VR gag – yep, it combines a bluetooth microphone with a gag so others can’t hear what you do in VR (are there VR based chains and whips?)
  • The AI enabled oven that allows you to directly livestream to social media accounts.
  • The cordless mop and carpet steamer.

Maybe these aren’t the things you’d buy, but all the other innovations are covered too – better laptops, better earphones, better TVs with more stuff included in them.

If you’re thinking of buying any devices or gadgets, CES is a good thing to browse through first.

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