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First there was Chess, then Go, then Starcraft. Now a bot can play Minecraft. Which if you think about it, is a bit weird as there's no way to "win" Minecraft - it's a non-linear playing world.

A group of MIT researchers built an answer to the question, “What if instead of having my kid watch hundreds of hours of Minecraft videos, that we outsourced it to a computer to do it better?”

They programmed an AI bot to watch 70,000 hours of You Tube videos (possibly the first useful binge watch of You Tube, maybe the largest?). After which it can do all the important things, like make diamond tools and build things.

As interesting as this is, and as amazing as the bot is, I think they failed at the main task.

I doubt I can persuade my kid to stop watching You Tube vids from Dream or articles about Notch by saying “You don’t need to do that any more. They have invented a bot to do that for you.”

AI is coming.
Embrace it or get swept away by it.

Let’s get started!