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Schools are struggling to keep up with the rate of change in technology. Without a good ICT support company, new technologies can be difficult to understand and use, making it difficult for schools to select the right equipment to enhance teaching and learning.

On the one hand, if schools don’t embrace new technologies, they risk being left behind. On the other hand, new technologies can bring new risks, such as data breaches or cyber-attacks. It’s important for schools to strike a balance between embracing new technologies and protecting their students’ privacy and safety.

The importance of keeping up with new technologies in the education sector

Keeping up with new technologies is important for schools because they can offer their students a better education than ever before. New technologies can help teachers improve their teaching methods and make learning more engaging for students, but like any other technology, there are also risks that need to be managed carefully.

It’s important for schools to stay on top of the latest technologies so they can provide their students with the best possible education in a rapidly changing world.

New technologies can help schools improve their teaching methods and make learning more engaging for students – but like any other technology, there are also risks associated with them that need to be taken into account.

By keeping up with new technologies, schools can ensure that their students have the best possible opportunity to learn in an ever-changing world – it’s just one way in which they’re leading the charge!

School children of the future?

What schools can do to ensure they don’t fall behind when it comes to ICT

Keeping up with the latest trends in ICT is important for schools to ensure that they don’t fall behind when it comes to new technologies.

  • Schools should have a trusted ICT support company who helps them stay abreast of new developments in hardware, software, and applications.
  • In order to keep up with the latest trends in ICT, schools need to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure such as high-speed internet connectivity, computers powerful enough to run the software needed for teaching and learning, and sophisticated software applications for teaching and administration.
  • Training teachers on how to use new technologies is essential for them to be able to effectively integrate new technologies into their classrooms. Teachers should be given opportunities to attend workshops and seminars on new technologies so that they can learn how to do this effectively.

Encouraging students to use technology can help inspire them towards pursuing a STEM / STEAM career path – something that will help keep schools ahead of the curve when it comes to ICT advances.

The benefits of having a good ICT infrastructure in place

A good ICT infrastructure in schools is the foundation upon which all digital equipment hangs. It is essential for students to have access to effective tools that support their learning, and teachers can use these tools more effectively when they have the right resources at their disposal.

A good ICT infrastructure can help students learn more effectively by providing them with access to the latest teaching materials and software, as well as facilitating collaboration between students across different classes or campuses.

A good ICT infrastructure also helps school manage their resources more efficiently by allowing administrators to track student progress and performance in real-time, as well as keep track of vital data such as attendance records and financial records.

Not having a good ICT infrastructure in place can leave schools behind when it comes to adopting new technologies, potentially limiting their ability to engage with contemporary teaching methods or stay up-to-date with current research developments.

How IT support for schools can help maintain a good level of ICT provision, supporting effective teaching

Technology is constantly evolving and schools need to keep up with new technologies to provide good ICT provision for their students. IT support can help schools troubleshoot any issues that may arise with their ICT systems and ensure that their ICT systems are always up-to-date.

But more than that, a GREAT support company will also help your senior leadership team deliver outstanding teaching and learning outcomes. They do that by understanding your vision and aims, then building with you a 10 year plan for development of the ICT estate, ensuring you get maximum value in the shortest time.

How to get your school’s 10 Year Plan

All of Flywheel’s customers (including Nexus and Colwyn customers) will have a 10 year plan developed with them. The report benchmarks your current IT estate in every category against the average of other schools and against Department for Education minimum requirements. We use this to help you plan and budget where to invest for the maximum benefit.

If you are not yet a customer and like the idea of this, our consultants can create this for you, without you having to change your current ICT provider.

Contact one of our team now to discuss the benefits to you of well structured planning for your IT.

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