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Now the Australian government is investing in Space Tech. How soon until it is taken for granted?

Earlier this year, the Australian government announced a funded initiative to support Australian business and university interests to develop space technologies.

I’ve lost count of how many initiatives are happening globally. Each of these groups are spotting there will be a new space race, with potentially the same value as we saw in the internet’s beginnings. And just like with the internet (and other tech like cryptocurrencies) there will be big time winners… usually the early adopters and first to stake a claim.

How are you going to be benefiting from this? If you are in charge of teaching and learning for a school, how is this entering your curriculum? If you are a business owner, where is involvement in Space Tech part of your long term roadmap?

Some forward-looking teachers realise they are educating young people for jobs that they can’t yet imagine, in industries that don’t exist yet. I put forward that this space tech is guaranteed to be an industry that will become massively important during the working careers of the children currently at school.

There are fortunes to be made, and fame to be had for pioneers who commercialise this successfully. There are crucial political and ethical frameworks to be developed. There are medical and engineering advances to be made from zero-G developments.

Space has been in Flywheel’s long term business plan since it was founded. As we don’t know exactly when it will happen, we are only planning to stay agile enough to move once we see the waves building. Can you say the same for the business, school or organisation you are leading?

Let me know what you think about this. If you are one of our customers, then I’m happy to discuss this with you, show you the many examples of what is currently happening, and help you develop a very long term roadmap. For now it may just seem an interesting sci-fi diversion… but after speaking with me you’ll find it may not be as far off as you think.

Astronaut in a white spacesuit with a reflective visor floating in space, with earth visible in the background.

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