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The Matthew White column

What a REAL futuristic data centre looks like

Yesterday, I was laughing with one of my team about all the fake data centre photos that are around on the internet.

You know the ones: gorgeous, suited models vapidly pointing at laptops, clean cabinets with no loose cables, and of course, futuristic blue light everywhere (laughable stock photos here, here and here, for example). So when I read about a team of people doing truly futuristic hardware engineering, and they showed their datacentre, I had to post it.

This page is from the company IonQ, describing their new way of creating software defined quantum computing logic gates. If you’re not up with quantum computing, here’s a quick summary:
a) algorithms already exist and are waiting for hardware to catch up that render classical cryptography like the ones securing internet purchases broken;
b) molecular analysis for weather, drug discovery, aerodynamics can all be modelled better than classical computers;
c) some searches and sorting will be faster with these new computers than anything we can do now, or expect to do with classical computers.
So in short, quantum computers have already proven they are a “thing”, and will become a game changer. The only question is “when” and “how huge will they be”.

As you can see in this photo of a real data centre however, the only suit is a lab coat, the hair net hides if they are gorgeous, the lights are warehouse flouros, and there are no lasers in the photo…

A real, futuristic data centre working on software defined quantum logic gates.

A real, futuristic data centre working on software defined quantum logic gates.

I’m sure I’m not breaking any fantasy bubbles here, but as we all know, reality is frequently a lot less glamorous than marketing departments and movies make it seem.

And that’s often how we feel about business and education IT. To a movie producer, both are boring. But for someone whose job it is to inspire the next generation, having reliable, easy to use tech is probably the most important thing about education IT.  And for someone who has a job to get done, rock solid reliability (and a support team they can call when they get stuck) is more important than blue laser lights.

Thankfully, our customers agree with us. Have a look at our case studies to see what we mean: we have builders, teachers, managing directors, accounts staff and people of all professions who like what we do. Their testimonials say it’s because we put quality and stability at the top of what we provide. If you want to become one of these people with reliable IT, contact us for a competitive quote when your current support contract comes up for renewal.

Let’s get started!