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The Matthew White column

What’s the best stylus for tablets (2022)?

Can’t think without a pen in your hand? Time for a tablet stylus

I use a Windows Surface as my main laptop. It’s great and works well and is really light.
Most importantly it’s not a Mac. (Ducks flying projectiles from my hardcore Mac-loving staff!)

Two of my senior leadership team love the Apple ecosystem and use it exclusively.

Regardless of which system you use, if you learned to think with a pen in your hand like I did, you’ll want a stylus and touchscreen system. Life is so much better when you can scribble notes and not have loose paper bits.

So which is the best stylus? I saw the below video that covers some of the big names. If you believe the pen is mightier than the keyboard, watch it and contact your account manager to order one.

Wacom Pen & Tablet